My other hide-outs

I have several blogs to my name, each of them serving a particular purpose although I have to admit some of them haven't been updated in a while as I have been sidetracked into other activities.

My very first blog, which has been dormant for a couple of years as I have gotten stuck in a creative block.  I long to dive into my craft room again, but I missing the spark to make anything happen there right now.  But I intend to get back to it eventually.

When creative juices start flowing, there's no way of knowing where they'll be heading and this eclectic mix will also be reflected in the contents of this blog. So fasten your seatbelt and let me take you on a journey along ATCs, bookthongs, jewellery and many other things ... Enjoy !

Publications on this blog are not as regular as they used to be, mainly because I don't seem to be able to make the necessary time to take pictures and write posts about my daily bento.  As I love the Bento Community on the interwebs though, I always come back to this blog :o)

Like so many before me, I recently discovered bentos and the joy of bringing healthy and goodlooking lunches to the office. Besides having colleagues jealously looking at my pretty lunch, it also saves me from having to buy another one of those insipid sandwiches oozing with mayonnaise.
This new blog will try to document my hesitant steps into the wonderful world of bento.
So, come in, take a seat, grab a drink and ... bon appetit :o)

While surfing on the web in February 2013, I ended up at the Daring Kitchen, and discovered their monthly cooking and baking challenges. Because I rarely shy away from a challenge and like to be pushed out of my comfort zone, I decided to sign up and make this my project for 2013 and maybe for many years to come. In order to participate it was recommended to have a blog to post the completed challenges in, so that's how this blog saw the light of day.

I have several blogs already, one of them a bento blog but I'd rather keep my bentoing separate from all the other things happening in my kitchen and this blog will be the ideal location to document not only the challenges but also all the sweet and savoury stuff that is created in the kitchen.
Grab a seat and join me in Kitchen Tales of Sugar & Spice.

A blog that, for obvious reasons, only gets updated when I am out and about and want to share the marvels of the world with those who care enough to read my blog. I have a 3 weeks roadtrip coming up next September, so that's when I'll dust off this little blog again. :o)

Ever since I was bitten by the travelbug, I often have this irrepressible need to see new people and places. This blog will be a permanent recording of my various peregrinations


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