Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Reading Challenge 2013 {Part 3}

As they say in Dutch "Driemaal is scheepsrecht", and therefore I couldn't stick to just two challenges this year. I looked around the interwebs and found several other challenges that sounded tempting (like paranormal fiction challenges etc) but I was looking for one that would push me out of my comfort zone.  It's not really a challenge if you don't have to make any effort, is it? :o)

After some consideration, I opted for Book'dOut's Eclectic Reader Challenge.  If the dystopian, historical and translated fiction are undoubtedly up my street, the categories Memoirs and Action Adventure are not what you would call regulars on my bookshelves.  Joining this challenge will nudge me to stray out of my usual sections at the library and start expanding my reading horizon.

So what is this challenge all about?  Quite simple : during 2013, you should select, read and review one book for each of the different categories, i.e. Translated fiction; Historical mystery; Romantic suspense; Made into a movie; New Adult; Urban Fantasy; Dystopian; Memoir; LGBT; Action Adventure; Humour and Published in 2013.

If you feel that this challenge fits you like a glove, don't hesitate to register your participation over here.

As of today, I already read one work of translated fiction but the review will go up over the weekend when I have a bit more time on my hands and I am (unsurprisingly) in the middle of a dystopian novel that will fit in perfectly in this challenge as well.  
Like for all other challenges, this one will be updated in its dedicated tab.


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