Monday, 18 March 2013

Reading Challenges 2013 {Part 2}

Still searching for a few other challenges to join, I came across an A to Z challenge (hosted by Babies, Books and Beyond) that seemed particularly appealing.   The goal is simple : read 26 books during 2013, one per letter of the alphabet.

What I liked especially about this challenge, is that host allows for an easy/lazy option i.e. completing the letters whenever you read a new book.  Because I often choose the books I want to read in the spur of the moment, I find this easier than pinpointing months in advance the books I am going to read.

The only problem I have is that I read in a number of languages, so I was wondering what title to pick for the challenge.  After some discussion here at home, I have decided that the most coherent option would be to use the original title no matter what the original language is. As for the dystopian challenge, the follow-up will be done in the Reading Challenges 2013 tab.

If you feel like participating too, the sign-up is over here